Top Five Drinks for Reading

My drink of choice when I read mostly depends on the time of day, and sometimes the weather. However, I usually do keep a drink nearby when I’m sitting down to read. These are my five favorite drinks to have with a book:

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I’ve been a coffee drinker for probably far too long, and I used to work with coffee, so it’s no surprise that this is on my list. I love waking up to a quiet morning, filling my mug with hot coffee, and sitting down with a book before the day really gets going.


In the afternoon, I like to switch to tea. Probably something herbal or a decaffeinated green since I can’t handle caffeine all day every day now that I’m older. I am quite partial to earl grey however. It’s a cozy pairing with a good book for an afternoon reading break.


If it’s even later in the day, winding down with a glass of wine and a book can be so relaxing. This obviously isn’t a pairing for everyone, but I’m an adult and I enjoy wine.

Hot cocoa

When it’s especially chilly out and I want a treat, getting cozy with some cocoa while I read in the evening always does the trick. Obviously this one only works in certain weather, but that just makes it an extra special pairing.


My most common drink. Whether it’s morning or evening, warm out or cold, sunny or raining, it’s always good to have some water. Plus, it’s certainly not the worst thing to accidentally spill on your book.

What’s your favorite beverage with a book?


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