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I don’t need much when I pick up a book, but I am a big fan of being cozy when I settle in to read, so most of my favorite reading accessories are for comfort. Except for the fourth one, I think that’s more a necessity if I’m reading a physical book. Here are my top five reading accessories:

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Although I often forget to grab a bookmark when I start a book, and I’ve certainly used other items to mark my page, I much prefer using an actual bookmark. I have a lovely woven one that was gifted to me years ago and has remained my favorite, but I love getting the business card type ones when I purchase something at a new bookstore.


I said I like to be cozy, and what’s cozier than curling up under a blanket on the sofa or comfy chair?


When I’m not just sneaking in a few pages between tasks, I much prefer to have a tasty drink while I enjoy my books.


Any light will do. A lamp, sunlight, even a flashlight. I’ve read by candlelight in power outages. If it lets me see the pages, I’m not too picky about my light source.


This is only for audio book listening. I’ve tried ambient sounds while reading physical books, but it doesn’t work for me. And while I do listen to audio books in my car or through a speaker when I’m home alone, I prefer hearing them through headphones.

Do you have any go-to items for when you read?


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