The Path of Daggers by Robert Jordan

The Path of Daggers
The Wheel of Time, book 8
by Robert Jordan

The Bowl of the Winds has been found, Elayne claims her throne, Egwene continues to take control of the rebel Aes Sedai, Perrin pursues the Prophet of the Dragon, and Rand leads his Asha’man against the Seanchan.

With the Bowl of the Wind located, and the world awaiting its effect to relieve them, there is no time for rest. The Seanchan are invading, the Shaido Aiel have taken captives, and the Asha’man army is growing unstable.

There is so much going on. There are also so many side characters at this point, I don’t know where some of them came from. But, I also never feel lost while reading. Things tend to make sense as they need to without me taking extensive notes on who’s who and what’s what. Most of our original main characters have all reached some level of power in the positions they’ve taken, primarily with an unsteady following.

Egwene is preparing her rebel Aes Sedai to move to the White Tower to reunite with the Aes Sedai. She’s still taking charge and making a stronger hold on the women who only intended her to be their puppet. Elayne has claimed her throne. Perrin, after saving the Two Rivers and returning to Rand, has earned his rank and a following. Rand continues to descend into madness as his army of Asha’man grows.

A lot of things were set into motion in this book, but it didn’t feel like a whole lot of anything was concluded. I’m looking forward to seeing all these open plot points pick up in the next book and find out where they take us next.