Castle in the Air by Diana Wynne Jones

Castle in the Air
Howl’s Moving Castle, book 2
by Diana Wynne Jones

Abdullah is a carpet dealer who dreams of being a prince and marrying a princess. His simple life is changed when a stranger offers to sell him a magic carpet.

Although I didn’t mind Abdullah, I didn’t necessarily like him either. He’s just a guy selling carpets. He dreams of much more, but doesn’t have any intention of seeking anything more than he already has. Resigned to the life he has, Abdullah doesn’t take any real initiative until magical items and mysterious situations begin finding their way into the story and disrupting his quiet life.

The first half of the story felt very focused and familiar, and I kept waiting for things to pick up. It’s not until around the halfway mark that things start to really get interesting. Then things really take off. The driving force behind everything happening is revealed and dealt with. Some familiar faces from the previous book appear in unusual ways, and that was honestly my favorite part.

I definitely prefer Howl’s Moving Castle to this sequel, but it was still fun to get something new in that world.