In the Labyrinth of Drakes by Marie Brennan

In the Labyrinth of Drakes
The Memoirs of Lady Trent, book 4
by Marie Brennan

Isabella attempts to save a dragon breeding program in Akhia.

Although this certainly isn’t the most thrilling installment in this series, it was one of my favorites. I like Isabella, and where this is written as a memoir I don’t mind when things aren’t super exciting. I expect a memoir to be highlights of a person’s life that have some point individually, if not collectively, even if getting to that point isn’t a thrill ride. This installment is a full story of how Isabella had a specific job that led to her making a particular discovery in the field of dragon research.

There are some recycled plot points from earlier in the series (kidnapping and romance) but the story as a whole felt much more cohesive than the last book. The settings and cultures in these books have such a strong parallel to our own world that they’re basically copies with different names placed on them. For that reason, I liked that we got more time with Isabella’s personal relations and more dragon breeding specific content than cultural points, not that there aren’t enough cultural points to find the inspiration for Akhia. Isabella tends to tell her tale in a detached way, so having a portion of the book depict personal feelings and events was refreshing.

I’m looking forward to the last book in the series and seeing Isabella’s next dragon discovery,