Wood Burning, take 2

A few years ago when we were playing D&D a lot, I made some dice trays for the party to use in lieu of a board game box cover. I turned one of them into a box that now houses my dice, but the other three I left rather plain, only painting them light brown, dark brown, and black. I planned on adding something a little extra to them for a while, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided what exactly I wanted to do.

I decided to try my hand at wood burning again. I drew three sketches to wood burn onto my plain dice trays. One is a little forest, one is a mountain range, and one is a cave interior. I did my best to keep them rather minimal. I filled in the short sides of the trays with the wood burnings, but I left the longer sides mostly empty. I wanted them to be more interesting without getting too crazy and busy.

I’m really happy with how they came out. This was a great way to practice wood burning again and I think I did a lot better than my first attempt. They’re just what I wanted them to be and I think they’re really cute now. Definitely better looking on my shelves than a stack of plain edges.