Counting in Series

This week I wanted to see how high I could count with series I’ve read that are completed. I took a look at all the series I’ve read, or at least started reading, and how long they were. Then I lined them up in ascending order to see how far I could go without skipping any numbers.

Here’s how it works: One represents a standalone, two is a duology, three is a trilogy, four for quartet, etc.

I did not count prequels, companions, or interludes toward the number of books in the series. Only main series books. And since the number relates to the final official book, only series that are completed or have a definite end volume will work. No ongoing series without an official end planned.

So now that you know the rules I was playing by, let’s get to counting.


Dark Matter
by Blake Crouch

Jason Dessen is kidnapped and, when he wakes up, his life is not his own
A sci-fi exploration of choice and possibilities


Six of Crows
by Leigh Bardugo

Kaz’s crew plan a dangerous heist


The Winner’s Trilogy
by Marie Rutkoski

When Kestrel buys the slave Arin, she gets much more than she bargained for


The Lunar Chronicles
by Marissa Meyer

Sci-fi fairy tale retellings


The Memoirs of Lady Trent
by Marie Brennan

Memoirs of the renowned dragon naturalist, Lady Trent


by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen

A young robot, the boy he once knew, and bounty hunters targeting androids


Odd Thomas
by Dean Koontz

The dead don’t talk, but they do try to communicate with a small town short-order cook, Odd Thomas


by Time Seeley and Mike Norton

After the dead come back to life in a rural Wisconsin town, Officer Dana Cypress has a murder to solve


The Expanse
by James S.A. Corey

A space opera


Y: The Last Man
by Brian K. Vaughn, Pia Guerra, and José Marzán, Jr.

After a mysterious plague kills every male human on earth, Yorick Brown may be the last man

I think that’s as high as I can count with the completed series I’ve read. Although I can certainly name some series with twelve or more books, I can’t think of any series that have ended with eleven books.

How high can you count with your series?