Winter’s Heart by Robert Jordan

Winter’s Heart
The Wheel of Time, book 9
by Robert Jordan

Rand gets new warders and works to make channeling safer for me, Perrin searches for Faile, Mat returns.

I’ve always felt like there was something odd about the way Perrin’s marriage came to be. It left me expecting some reveal about Faile, but then the reveal never came. And at this point I think I was waiting for something that never will come. But now we get to see Perin’s full devotion to his wife as he is willing to go to any length to save her.

We get a lot more time with Elayne, which I liked. She’s on the throne and not everyone is into it. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the female main characters finally get their time to shine and rise to power outside of earning their ranks within the White Tower. I still don’t like how women are really only described by the cut of their dresses, but we’re getting through it to see what those women achieve.

Mat is back on his feet and trying to escape Ebou Dar. In the process he helps the Sea Folk and finds his prophesied bride. He always has a lot going on in this storylines and I think he adds a lot of fun to the story overall, so I’m glad to see him back in the mix.

Rand is bonded as a warder to his three love interests. I definitely prefer his relation with Min over the others, so getting more time with them together was good. And Rand working with Nynaeve to make progress in alleviating the madness that afflicts men who channel, after teaching so many men to channel, was some nice closure to the story, especially after the last book that left a lot open at the end.