Adorable Games I’ve Played Recently

Outside of reading, I also love playing video games. Although I typically enjoy story-rich role playing games, I have a soft spot for puzzle platformers. And if you don’t know what either of those things mean, basically I like immersive adventures and solving puzzles. But sometimes I want something that requires a little less brain power. Something simpler. Something cuter.

Recently I’ve been opting for games of a smaller scale that provide the same amount of enjoyment. They’re easy to relax with when I’m tired, and I can listen to an audio book while I play if I’m up for it. Here are five adorable games I’ve played recently:

Little Witch in the Woods

This game isn’t even finished yet and it’s already so fun and so adorable. I didn’t run into any problems and the early access version ends in a satisfying place. The art is lovely, the story is sweet, and the gameplay is simple without being boring. It’s exactly what it says it is. You play as a little witch in the woods. Distracted on your way to your apprenticeship in the city, you find an abandoned witch’s house and a mostly abandoned village in need of help. There are some puzzle aspects, but nothing too complicated. I’m excited to see even more from this in the future, but it’s definitely worth a try as is.


This one’s a little sadder, but so fun and equally beautiful. You play as the spiritfarer, taking spirits on your boat to stay until they’re ready to pass on. You help your passengers with requests, learning about their lives as you do. You may be glad to see some of them leave, but others will break your heart when they do. A wide variety of characters and places to visit, the story in this game is beautiful.

Donut County

Ok, the sad stuff is out of the way. Donut county is a silly game where your character controls a hole that grows as you drop things from around town into it, with the influence of your racoon companion. Eventually you drop more and more of the town into the hole, leaving the residents stranded at the bottom. The conflict of the game is revealed when the Trash King is found to be behind the creation of the hole. You have to stop him and save the town you initially destroyed. It’s nonsense, but so fun.

Rain on Your Parade

In Rain on Your Parade you play as a rain cloud, raining on everyone’s parade. You get different types of rain abilities, fun hats, and it gets more ridiculous as you progress. Each level gives you objectives of who or what you need to rain on to succeed. It’s silly and adorable.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

A bit more story in this one, you play as Turnip Boy in a land filled with sentient produce. Mayor Onion evicts you from your home as a result of tax evasion. Meant to be finding a way to pay back your debt, you complete tasks, tearing up every tax document you find along the way. Turnip Boy will not be paying any taxes. You gradually unlock new areas to explore and meet new characters until you uncover a way to stop Mayor Onion and get your home back. Absolutely ridiculous. So adorable.

Have you played any adorable games lately?


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