Style is the way a story is delivered. It’s the language used, the tone, the structure, the parts of a story that the author focuses on. Generally, a lot of books in a specific genre share similar style points. More specifically, certain styles can give away who the author is or be niche enough to be reminiscent of another author’s work.

Some writers deliver information bluntly, others describe everything in a flowery way, many live somewhere in between. Some writers shift between a variety of styles depending on what they think suits the particular story they’re working on. It’s something I notice while I’m reading, the tone, the setting, if certain phrases stand out. The style I prefer changes by the story. Sometimes I like blunt, snarky narration and other times I prefer a more lyrical, descriptive tale.

Style can make or break a story for some readers. I’ve read books that I liked the concept of and the story itself, but I didn’t enjoy them because of the way that story was presented. I’ve read popular books by popular authors that I DNFed because I didn’t like the writing style. On the other hand, I’m sure if my favorite books were re-written by other authors I wouldn’t enjoy them as much, if at all.

Have you ever had writing style make or break a story?