Rainy Day Reads

I think a good rainy day read is something you can get cozy with. It’s atmospheric, it’s thoughtful, it’s maybe a bit somber. These five books are all sweet, lovable, and sad. Except for the last one. The last one is simply sweet and lovable in case you’re not up for sad.

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If I Stay
by Gayle Foreman

In the wake of a tragic accident, seventeen year-old Mia exists in a state of limbo as she must decide whether to return to a life forever changed or leave behind the future she might have.

We Are Okay
by Nina Lacour

Marin moves across the country to start college, leaving everything and everyone from her life behind. Then her best friend visits during winter break, forcing her to face the truth of the tragedy she ran away from.

Like the Red Panda
by Andrea Seigel

After both her parents OD’d, Stella moved into the foster home of a nice couple that never figured out how to connect with her. With a suicidal grandfather and an approaching end of high school, Stella begins her plans for after graduation.

I Kill Giants
by Joe Kelly

Barbara Thorson kills giants, both real and imagined.

I Think I Am in Friend-Love with You
by Yumi Sakugawa

When you feel that strong platonic connection to someone and you just hope they feel the same way about you too.

What’s your favorite book for a rainy day?


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