Crossroads of Twilight by Robert Jordan

Crossroads of Twilight
The Wheel of Time, book 10
by Robert Jordan

Perrin continues trying to find Faile, Mat continues to court Tuon and escape Seanchan territory, Egwene leads the rebel Aes Sedai to the White Tower, Rand works on a truce with the Seanchan.

The thing about this series is – it’s so big. It’s a huge world with a ton of characters and a lot of plots within the main plot. And honestly, not all of the books hold up on their own. They work as a part of the whole series and they serve the story as a whole, but they don’t always provide a complete story on their own. This was one of those books, paired with book 9. Although there is one major progression at the end of book 9, everything else is left open and continues throughout this entire book with very little feeling resolved by the end once again.

Perrin’s been trying to find Faile for so long and it shows his devotion to her but it’s also quite dragged out at this point. I did like finally getting Faile’s perspective and the contrast of him desperately searching and her having everything under control where she is. Egwene’s still making moves with the Aes Sedai and devoting herself to reuniting the Ajahs.

Mat’s making progress in his escape and courtship, but this is another pairing that feels weird to me. Mat and Tuon only have an interest in one another because they both had prophesies about their marriages that the other fits the description for. Similar to Elayne, who has some new personal things going on, and Rand, the relationships seem like they only exist because someone else told them they would. Which is strange. Self-fulfilling love prophesies.

I am still into the story overall and I do love seeing a lot of the characters’ perspectives at this point, but the plot is dragging a bit right now as the end approaches.