Best Books of 2022 So Far

I stopped giving star ratings to books, but I still have opinions and feelings about how they stack up and which ones are better than the rest. And since we’re halfway through the year, let’s take a look at the ones that are currently in the lead. These are my top five books of the year, so far.

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The Eye of the World
The Wheel of Time, book 1
by Robert Jordan

As the first book in a 14 book series, which I’ve already read all of this year, I think I have to mention this one. It’s not my favorite in the series, but it’s the one that kicked off this long reading adventure.

Project Hail Mary
by Andy Weir

Witty space science. This one stays light in tone for a story that tackles impending doom for the entire human race and aliens.

Howl’s Moving Castle
Howl’s Castle, book 1
by Diane Wynne Jones

So cute and magical, what a fun adventure.

Solutions and Other Problems
by Allie Brosh

A blend of essays and comics, telling personal and silly autobiographical tales.

Red Sister
Book of the Ancestor, book 1
by Mark Lawrence

A school for warrior nuns with prophecies and deception. Such a gripping story.

Did you love any of these books too?
What’s your favorite book of the year so far?


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      1. Middle grade fantasy has some of the most whimsical, imaginative and uplifting stories. I can highly recommend Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend if you’re looking for a rec!!

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