All the Series I’ll Never Finish

As a lover of fantasy and graphic novels, I read a lot of series. And I don’t always finish reading those series. Sometimes my taste changes, sometimes I liked the first book well enough but felt no need to see what happened next, and sometimes I just didn’t like the first book very much so no sense reading the second one.

I haven’t always recorded my reading, but it is something I’ve been doing for a while. This likely isn’t every series I’ve ever DNFed, but it’s every series in recorded history.

These are series I’m curious about the next book, but not curious enough that I have a true intention of continuing with any of them:

These are series that I either didn’t enjoy or weren’t for me and I have no intention of giving book 2 a try:

And these are all the graphic novel series I’ve started and have no plans to finish:

Are any of these worth giving a second chance?