Top Five Magic Systems

As a fan of fantasy, I’ve come across a fair amount of magic systems. Some of them follow a classic, familiar system. Some are more unique, unusual, and sometimes nonsensical. I’m not one to prefer having everything about a magic system laid out blatantly and logically, but it can be nice to have some rules apparent for the sake of being able to explain the magic system to some degree.

Here are five magic systems that I’ve enjoyed and think are all pretty different from one another.

Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan Reads

The Paper Magician
by Charlie N. Holmberg

I didn’t love the story of this book, but the magic system was great. Our main character Ceony is training in paper magic, which is essentially origami that comes to life. It’s so cool and unlike any other magic I’ve seen done in books.

The Wheel of Time
by Robert Jordan

The Wheel of Time magic system is divided into two halves that are both opposite and complimentary. Only men can access one half, which is extremely dangerous when the series begins, while only women can access the other. I like that the two halves seem to be at odds with one another for quite some time and eventually the characters need to figure out how to combine the two halves.

The Book of the Ancestor
by Mark Lawrence

A magic system that connects all things to one another which only those of certain bloodlines can access. It’s mysterious and ever-present, but the degree to which a person can access and use it depends on the bloodline that person descends from.

The Farseer Trilogy
by Robin Hobb

Passed down from when dragons were present in the world, the magic in the Farseer Trilogy is similar to telepathy. It can allow users to mentally link and communicate with one another and also influence others to varying degrees. A particular sort of magic also allows links with animals.

The Grishaverse
by Leigh Bardugo

Magic users in The Grishaverse can manipulate a specific aspect of the physical world. Some have effects on the human body, some on a certain element, and others on materials. It’s a bit mysterious, but considered a science in the world, revered by some and feared by others.

What’s your favorite magic system?