House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones

House of Many Ways
Howl’s Moving Castle, book 3
by Diana Wynne Jones

Charmain Baker unwillingly becomes the temporary caretaker of her great uncle’s magical home.

Charmain is sheltered and unskilled, having been raised to be a proper young lady, and all she really wants out of this arrangement is to get in some uninterrupted reading time. She did not expect to stay in a disorderly house with endless secrets hidden in its passageways, disgruntled kobolds, a magical dog, and a blundering apprentice named Peter. Reluctantly, Charmain begins learning some basic skills and to be kinder to the people around her, although it’s not a sweeping tale of character growth. Still, I liked seeing her do her best to deal with all these new and unexpected experiences.

After being a bit disappointed with the second book in this series, this book really recaptured the magic of Howl’s Moving Castle for me. Sophie, Howl, and Calcifer are all back, getting involved in the trouble Charmain uncovers during her time at her great uncle’s house and while assisting the king in organizing his library. The setting was wonderful and magical. The companion characters were great. Overall, it was endearing and delightful to read.

Definitely recommend this one if you enjoyed Howl’s Moving Castle.