A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

A Memory of Light
The Wheel of Time, book 14
by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

The Last Battle and the long-awaited conclusion of The Wheel of Time series.

Truly more of a war than a single battle, the Last Battle is a big one, beginning in the middle of the book and carrying on until the ending. Moiraine convinces the leaders to come together in support of Rand’s plan, people from all over have come to fight for the Light, and the Shadow interferes every step of the way.

The dragons are nearly taken, the seals are missing, the Horn is gone, and people are discreetly falling under the Dark One’s influence. Elayne leads the troops, but not without help. Olver steps up to an important role. Mat plots with Tuon to organize the fight deceptively enough that the Shadow will not figure out his plans. While people are lost in battle, there are twists and tricks that allow others to shockingly survive.

Egwene takes her power to a whole new level, both to my delight and my dismay. Rand comes to the realization that in the matter of good and evil, one cannot exist without the other. Much like saidar and saidin, the two opposites create a balanced whole.

Overall, this was a well-done conclusion to a truly epic series. I think the way the story was divided up into books maybe could have been balanced better, but ultimately I’m genuinely impressed with how rich and fulfilling this entire journey has been. This is an enormous world with tons of characters and interwoven plotlines that develop and come together in the Last Battle. I had a lot of fun with this series.