A Lot of Paint and a Little Rain | Sunday Synopsis

We got rain! A whole day and a half of it! It was a light rain, and it did not change our drought status at all, but I think that was the most rain we got all summer.

Last week I finished reading New Spring by Robert Jordan. It’s the prequel to The Wheel of Time series. Not a necessary part of the series, but a fun addition if you’re interested in seeing Moiraine become Aes Sedai around the time the Dragon is reborn and the search for him begins. We also get some pre-warder Lan chapters, although not quite as much as I had hoped for.

I continued reading Master Assassins by Robert V.S. Redick. I’m enjoying this story so far, but progress has been quite slow on my end. While the story is engaging, there aren’t any chapters, just occasional breaks. I’m surprised by how different that makes the reading experience for me, not having clear stopping points while I’m reading. The opening involves a couple of assaults and murders too, so there’s a lot to digest early on.

In addition to reading, last week I also painted three rooms in the house. One is only half painted, one is now fully painted, and the other only needs the baseboards painted after I’ve taken the carpets out. They look like real rooms finally and it’s so strange to look at pictures of how they started because they look so different now. Excited about the progress we’re making around here.

Other than that, I’ve been spending my spare time watching the rabbits that live in our backyard and checking on the flowers I planted in the garden that are all blooming now.

I hope you had a wonderful week and I’ll see you tomorrow.