Top Five Dramatic Bookworm Problems

Being a bookworm is great, but it’s not without its problems. I don’t think we’re being dramatic when we face these, they’re just part of living the bookish life. The perks of being a bookworm far outweigh the downfalls, but here are five bookish problems I think are pretty common:

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1. reading slumps are the worst, we can all agree on that right? we still want to read, we just can’t. Whether it’s a mood thing, a book hangover, or just general life things keeping you from immersing yourself in a new book, reading slumps are never a welcome occurrence

2. book cover changes – I’ve spoken before about how I want the books in a series I own to match, so publishers shouldn’t be allowed to change cover designs in the middle of a series. Just wait until all the books are out, please

3. those stickers on the covers – you know the ones. Sometimes the bookseller uses ones that are easy to peel off, and that’s always a huge relief, but sometimes they’re impossible to remove cleanly or printed on by the publisher

4. waiting for the next book in a series to come out – when you loved a book in a series and can’t wait to pick up the next one, but you have to wait because it hasn’t been released yet, especially if it ended on a cliffhanger

5. deciding what to read next – with those fast growing TBRs and constant new releases adding to the long list of options, it can be difficult to decide what to read next

What’s your biggest bookworm problem?


2 thoughts on “Top Five Dramatic Bookworm Problems

  1. I agree with all of these! I just hate those stickers that they put on the cover…and why change the book covers in the middle when the full series isn’t out yet? I never minded before when it was only one or two series but it’s happening more frequent.

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