Anything but Books | Book Tag

We talk about books a lot, but I’m sure we all have other things going on. It’s not all books all the time. Probably. It’s a lot books a lot of the time, but I still like other things. For this tag, my answers can be anything but books.

original tag by Book Buds

What is something that you own way too many of, other than books?

Movies. I have a lot of movies and I’ve watched all of the ones we have

What is something that you do for fun that’s not reading a book?

I love painting and trying new crafts

What is something special or important on your nightstand, that’s not a book?

I don’t keep anything on my nightstand normally, but I do keep my winter hats, scarves, and gloves in it. The weather gets cold where I live so those are important to have

What’s something that you buy at a bookstore other than books?

Notebooks. Do those still count as books? Ok, Calendars. Like the kind with pictures that you hang on the wall.

What’s a fun gift that you’ve received that wasn’t a book or a gift card for books?

Viticulture, the worker placement board game about winemaking. It’s so much fun! I love pretending I run a friendly, family winery

What’s a YouTube channel that you watch, that’s not related to books?

Rachel Maksy. Rachel makes historical clothing, costumes, and other wonderful crafts. Occasionally those things are related to books, but books really aren’t the focus of her content. She’s super creative and talented and I love seeing the things she makes

Let me know if you also use a wall calendar. And if you do, what theme is it?
My current one is Backyard Birds, but I also have another one with photographs of regional scenery.