Unseen by Chad Allen

by Chad Allen

‘Unseen is an audio comic created by Chad Allen. Written by a blind person, with a blind heroine, for blind (and sighted) audiences. Unseen is the story of Afsana, a blind assassin living in a chaotic world in which she is invisible to society. Discounting her abilities is her enemies’ gravest mistake’

I’m a sighted person, but I went on a search for a more accessible version of a graphic novel and came across Unseen. It’s not only a cool story, but a cool experience and so unique. As an audio comic, it reads panel by panel, with dialogue and sound effects and plenty of action. The pacing and the feel matches exactly what I’d expect from a wholly visual comic experience, but done entirely with sound.

The story follows our protagonist, Afsana, a blind assassin flying under the radar with a job to do. A strong, capable character, Afsana is often underestimated based on the fact that she’s blind. She more than exceeds the expectations her opponents have for her, unfortunately for them.

Highly recommend if you like comics or just want to experience a story in a new way.