A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

A Game of Thrones
A Song of Ice and Fire, book 1
George R.R. Martin

Eddard Stark and his family find themselves in the middle of the conflicts that surround them and their king.

I’ve put off reading this for a long time, I never watched the show, I basically knew nothing about it other than it’s a lengthy, well-loved, incomplete fantasy series. And honestly, I was hoping it was overhyped because of how long it already is, plus I didn’t feel a need to rush since it’s only five books, with two more yet to be released. I am pleased to report that I do not think this is overhyped. I loved it.

The world in this book is so big and rich and feels so real. It does help to have the maps to really see where characters are in relation to everyone else, since there are a lot of locations and they travel around quite a bit. It’s such a big world, but everything felt well-established without anything being overly-described. I liked how all the characters contribute something to the plot, or the world, or developing one another into fully fleshed out people.

I loved all of the Starks, including Jon Snow. I thought they were all great, compelling characters who all have interesting parts in the story and the dynamics within the family. Sansa’s maybe not my favorite though. And Daenerys, while mostly isolated from the rest of the story, goes through such a huge character arc and adds so much to the book. The Lannisters are the actual worst, although I do like Tyrion. An exception for each family.

If you love sprawling fantasies and have also been ignoring this one, I recommend finally giving it a try.