Seasonal Reading

‘Tis the season for seasonal reading. Or so it seems to me anyway. Autumn is when everyone appears to be choosing their books based on the fall feels. Whether you’re looking for something spooky or something cozy to curl up with as the weather cools down, be that a mystery or something more heartwarming. The available moods are aplenty for the mood readers.

I’ve never been one for seasonal reading myself. I’ve always picked books up based on my interest in the premise and not so much by the influence of the weather or approaching holidays. Although I admit I’m beginning to get on board with trying seasonal reading this autumn. I’ve got some horror lined up, come cozier things, and I may even try my hand at a holiday themed story when we enter the last months of the year.

I can certainly see the appeal of seasonal reading, especially if you keep up with new releases that tend to fit in with that idea, or have a favorite book you like to re-read at a certain time of year.

Let me know if you read seasonally and if there are any notably autumn feeling books I should check out.