The Honestea Tag

Honesty is the best policy, but we all know most people put on their best face in public and their touched up and highly curated face on the internet. I’ve never been one for drama or putting on a show for others. I may not have much tea to spill, but let’s see what we can dig up.

Original Tag by The Caffeinated Fangirl

What is a ‘bad’ (generally disliked) movie that you actually love?

I love the 1993 live-action Super Mario Bros. movie. Basically any of those live-action video game movies that came out in the 90s have a special nostalgic place in my heart. Even though they’re arguably not ‘good’ movies, I think they’re all great.

What is your most shocking reading habit?

Sometimes I stop reading books at a random point, then pick them back up many many months later and carry on from wherever I left off, even if I don’t remember what I already read. I don’t do this a ton, and I’m not sure if it’s really shocking, but it seems most people prefer keeping a story fresh in their mind until they finish.

Tell us the number one lie you write in your posts.

I don’t know if I’ve ever lied in my posts, I try to be honest in all my answers and reviews. Sometimes I’ll recommend a book as a favorite [blank] that isn’t necessarily my number one favorite, but is a more recent favorite, or still a good fit for the prompt. I do that so I’m recommending a wide variety of books and not just my all time favorites constantly. I’m not sure that’s exactly lying.

Tell us the worst character name you’ve ever thought up. {Bonus: share a character name you find ridiculous in a book/movie.}

I put a lot of thought into my character names, so I hope none of them are bad. I once renamed a character Nia, forgetting that I also had a character named Niall. I like to keep my character names unique, unless there’s a reason characters would all have similar names, so that felt pretty silly that they were almost the same name and not at all related.

What is the real reason you procrastinate writing your work in progress?

I’m worried I’ll never be able to make it good enough to sell.

What is a genre of music you secretly love?

It’s not a secret, but I listen to some country music and that’s always surprising to people.

If you’re a plotter, what do you really think of pansters? If you’re a panster, what do you really think of plotters?

I’m more of a pantser, and I strive to be more plotter. It seems like it would be easier to get a cleaner first draft if you have an idea of where you’re headed and aren’t just along for the ride. Sometimes you have to stop planning and just dive in though.

Share at least three lines of dialogue from one of your first writing projects. {Bonus: give us the good stuff. your most gruesome butchering of the English language.}

I will do no such thing. My first ever novel was available on this blog for a while, so if you caught it then, congratulations. And if you missed it, sorry but you’ll just have to wait for the next one.

Tell us the title & artist of the last song you listened to.

We’re always singing random bits of songs and changing all the lyrics around this house, so I have no idea what the last song I actually listened to was

Which beloved book/movie character do you dislike & why?

Kelsier from Mistborn. He’s on so many people’s favorite character lists, and I just don’t care about him.

Tell us the title & topic of a post you have left in draft.

I have an absurd number of drafts right now. Right now I keep postponing one called History as Fantasy. It’s about using a historical setting/period/series-of-events and calling it fantasy. Hopefully that one will make it to published next week though.

What is a book you pretend you’ve read/would like to read but know you never will? {Bonus: share a time when claiming you’ve read a classic/well-known book didn’t end well}

Although I did well in school, I didn’t read a lot of my required reading. I took one class that based most of our grade on our readings, which we never discussed in class. I was playing a risky game with my grade in that class, but it ended up being fine.

Tell us the title & topic of the most embarrassing post you’ve ever written. {Bonus: include. the. link.}

Nothing stands out in my memory as embarrassing. If anything was, it’s probably long gone. I go through old posts fairly regularly and remove anything that I no longer stand by or don’t think represents my current self.