My Favorite Non-Fiction Genre

My favorite genre of non-fiction is memoirs. I like hearing about other people’s lives and experiences. It’s a great way to learn about other cultures and ways of living without being able to go somewhere and live it firsthand. I also enjoy learning about new topics in a more narrative style rather than as a list of facts. Hearing how a discovery, invention, or idea came to be makes the information along the way more digestible than seeing the main points in a textbook. It’s a way of learning that sticks better in my mind.

Out of the biography/autobiography/memoir category, memoirs are my favorite. Biographies can be great, but hearing about a person from that person is even better. And I prefer memoirs because they center around a particular topic within that person’s life, rather than a general overview of their entire life. I don’t even have a particular topic or culture I prefer with memoirs, just learning about someone’s unique experience from them directly is something I enjoy.

Do you have a favorite memoir that you’ve read? Or a different favorite non-fiction genre?