Non-Fiction Genre I Wish I Read More

Of all the genres within non-fiction, I wish I liked textbooks more. It would have made school a better experience, and it would make learning new things at this point in my life a lot easier. I own a fair few textbooks, and I have gone through some of them in my own time to read the information and answer the questions within them.

I don’t imagine most people make use of textbooks once they’re out of school, but I wish I did. There’s such an overwhelming number of places to get information these days, and not all of it is complete or reliable. With a textbook, they’re written by researchers and experts with fact-checkers, so you can safely assume all the information inside is accurate. Generally speaking, anyway.

So, I’m hoping to make more of an effort going forward to make better use of the textbooks I have. While they may not be the most recent editions at this point, I am interested in the topics I own textbooks about, and I do like learning things, so it’s worth giving textbooks another shot.

Have you ever read a textbook outside of school?