Fry Bread by Kevin Noble Maillard

Fry Bread
by Kevin Noble Maillard

A children’s book about the history and significance of fry bread.

Where I’m from we have fried dough, a sugar coated variation of fry bread that’s usually only found at festivals. It’s not the survival food it descended from, and we would never top this sweet treat with meats or vegetables like the fry bread tacos Native Americans sometimes use their fry bread for. I love learning about things that many cultures have developed their own versions of. And, as it’s said in the book, with fry bread everyone has their own way to make it and they can all agree that their way is the right way and everyone else’s way is wrong.

As a children’s book, this book has a pretty full history of the Native American fry bread. It explains its importance, where it came from, how varied a food it is from tribe to tribe, and some major historical events. There are a lot more facts and figures than I would expect from a children’s book. It’s written in a way that children can understand this information, but also in a way that adults, like myself, can also get a decent lesson in history and culture. Plus the author gives a full recipe of his family’s version of fry bread, and explains why some people would think his version is wrong.

This is a great little read, suitable for all ages, if you’re interested in learning the history and significance of fry bread.