A Christmas Legacy by Anne Perry

A Christmas Legacy
by Anne Perry

Gracie, a former maid, fills in for a distressed Millie when things go missing in her employer’s home. In an effort to uncover what is happening in the home, Gracie returns to life as a maid to find out the truth.

Starting out as what seems like it’s going to be a mystery story, this book unfolds into something much more. Gracie sets out to figure out why things are going missing in the home Millie works in and save the staff from being blamed. While she’s there, she uncovers where the missing items are going and takes advantage of the fact that if she disobeys her temporary employers, she has nothing to lose by being thrown out. Strong-willed and sweet, Gracie makes every effort to do the right thing. The story displays how much a little kindness can get you and how much cruelty can cost.

The story was engaging, the characters were lovable, and the ending is very satisfying. I didn’t realize it was a spin-off of the mystery series Charlotte and Thomas Pitt when I started reading it, but I’m definitely interested in reading that series after how much I loved this book and the writing.