The Christmas Shoes by Donna VanLiere

The Christmas Shoes
Christmas Hope, book 1
by Donna VanLiere

A workaholic attorney’s life changes after a brief encounter with a young boy who wants to buy a pair of shoes for his mother.

Based on the popular, sad Christmas song, this story gives some more context for the boy buying the shoes and a lot more backstory for the man that gives him the money. It gives the contrast of a loving family experiencing something terrible but making the most of it and another family that is quickly falling apart. The man is fleshed out not as a man who’s simply not excited about Christmas, but a guy who is unpleasant and neglects his family in favor of work.

This book was fine, but it speeds through some periods of time and jumps between characters in a way that felt disjointed and made it difficult to care about any of them. The story didn’t flow very well from one section to the next, providing things chronologically that would have been better filled in where it mattered. What should have been a tragic, yet heartwarming story fell a bit flat.