The Christmas Bookshop by Jenny Colgan

The Christmas Bookshop
by Jenny Colgan

After losing her job, Carmen moves in with her sister and begins a new job trying to revive a dying bookshop.

One of my most anticipated Christmas reads, I liked this book, but I didn’t love it as much as I had expected to. The story focuses on Carmen, who’s feeling like a bit of a failure compared to her seemingly perfect sister. As she spends time helping her sister with her children, they begin to repair the strained bond between them. Carmen also gets to know and care about the wellbeing of the bookshop owner. I loved both of these aspects of the story, seeing Carmen grow and learn.

I had hoped this story would spend more time on the bookshop specifically, rather than focus on the many potential romances that were floating around. There’s a bit of a love triangle centered around Carmen, and two other women each interested in one of the men. A web of attraction. Although with the bookshop parts and Carmen’s relationship with her sister and the children, it all balances out as we go.

While not a new favorite, I would recommend this as a fun, cozy Christmas read.