A Christmas Escape by Anne Perry

A Christmas Escape
Christmas Stories, book 13
by Anne Perry

Charles Latterly escapes to an island hotel to brighten his holiday season. Unfortunately, the other guests are unpleasant, the island’s volcano has awakened, and there may be a killer among them.

This book has very little to do with Christmas, and the mystery didn’t exactly feel like the center of the story. It takes a while for the mystery to begin. A lot of the story instead revolves around the varied and mostly unpleasant group of people who are staying at the hotel. Even so, I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It’s my second Anne Perry, and so far I love her writing. It’s engaging, I cared about the characters, and I was happy to get to know them and the place they were staying while I waited for the mystery to begin and build. There are natural elements in this story that add an even greater level of danger than the killer alone.

Overall, I liked this. I recommend this for a short read if you don’t mind waiting a bit for the mystery to kick in, and don’t expect much of a holiday feel.