Christmas Carol Murder by Leslie Meier

Christmas Carol Murder
Lucy Stone, book 20
by Leslie Meier

After the local mortgage company’s owner, Marlowe, is murdered and his business partner, Scribner, is visited by his ghost, Lucy tries to solve the case before the killer comes for the other owner.

Loosely base on A Christmas Carol, the beginning of this book seemed promising. But the relation to the source material stops at the names of the mortgage company’s owners and the briefly touched on claim that one of them is visited by the other’s ghost as a warning. Outside of that, this story follows Lucy, a woman working for the newspaper and participating in a local production of the play A Christmas Carol. This is much more a commentary on social issues than a murder mystery. With obvious stances on insurance, the housing market, healthcare, taxes, and the postal service, the mystery is just a plot point that gives the main character something to do while she realizes her opinions on all of these things.

A promising premise that didn’t deliver. Unless you’re already invested in this series, you can probably skip this one.