Owl be Home for Christmas by Donna Andrews

Owl be Home for Christmas
Meg Langslow, book 26
by Donna Andrews

Meg’s grandfather hosts an owl conference that becomes affected by both a snow storm and a murder.

As a later book in a long series, I went into this without any background on our main character Meg or her family. That being said, I enjoyed this mystery, although I do think it was a bit too filled out with technical talk of owls, investigation, and potential causes of death. Some things were over-explained, making the story feel like it was dragging on. The actual mystery and moments where things were moving along, however, was a lot of fun.

I loved the premise of this, and the side characters added a lot to what was going on, both in solving the murder and in providing opportunity for things to happen. I do think Meg was a bit too skilled at solving the mystery, but I would assume that comes from not having any background knowledge on who she is and what she’s accomplished in the series leading up to this installment.

Overall, I think this was a fun mystery with a lot of unique things going for it.