The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson

The Christmas Wedding
by James Patterson and Richard DiLallo

Gaby’s getting married, and her four adult children reunite after years apart to find out who the groom will be.

The children returning to their mother’s home where they reveal their personal problems and reunite in a supportive way reminded me of the beginnings of shows like Parenthood or Packed to the Rafters. I liked this part of the story, getting to know the four children and seeing how they cope with whatever is going on with them. The main plotline about their mother getting multiple proposals and keeping her groom a secret from everyone, including the groom, is absolutely ridiculous.

I think I would have loved this if Gaby either didn’t keep her man a secret, or only had one proposal but kept the man a secret until the kids showed up. I think it still would have had the same impact if the marriage weren’t treated like a weird game.

Overall, I didn’t love this, but it was a decent family-centered read.