A Year in Review | 2022

In Reading

At this point, I’ve read a total of 117 books this year, and I’m in the middle of a few others. I still can’t believe how many books I read. I know, quality over quantity, but I’ve honestly enjoyed the vast majority of books I’ve read this year. I lucked out and got quality in a large quantity. Hoping to keep that up going forward, but I’ll be happy to have quality reads at a much slower pace too.

In Writing

I’ve picked away at my manuscript here and there throughout the year. No big progress has been made, but I’ve made some big decisions about where I want to go with the project. It’s just a matter of devoting the time to make all those big ideas a reality. It’s still a project I love, and I’ll hopefully devote time to it more consistently in the new year.

In Art

This year I’ve tried calligraphy and watercolors, done some drawing and painting, a lot of decorating, and got back into video editing – something I’ve missed doing for a while. Quite the mixed bag of creative endeavors, but that’s generally how I like it. I’ve got some other projects I’ve been eager to get into, but they’ll just have to wait until next year for their turn.

In Other News

I hit some major personal milestones this year. I celebrated ten years with my partner. A whole decade and a lot of life changes with him. One of those changes was buying a house together. This year was our first full year living in a home that is truly ours. A thing I never even dreamed of, but somehow we made it happen.

There have been some bumps in the road, but I’m lucky to have some good people by my side. And I’m grateful to have you here to let me share my love of books, creativity, and whatever other ridiculous things I get into.

Thanks for being here. See you in the new year.