Bookish Resolutions for 2023

After joining the book community a few years ago, it wasn’t until last year that I made a true effort to get more involved. I started posting more often and more consistently, meeting other people in the community, and paying a lot more attention to recommendations and new releases.

While all of that has been wonderful, it meant my TBR and list of series I was reading continued to grow. At the end of the year I cleaned up my TBR, removing anything that didn’t excite me, and DNFd a lot of series that I wasn’t too invested in. This year, I want to maintain that focus on books that I’m excited about and get to know even more people in the community.

Here are my five bookish resolutions for 2023.

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Read 52 books

Hopefully I will surpass this goal again, but one book a week feels like an attainable number to aim for

Finish series when I start them

I’ve gotten the number of series I’m currently reading way down, but I’d like to finish the ones I’m in the middle of before starting too many new ones. When I do start new ones, I want to read through the whole series in a timely manner to keep my in progress series to a minimum

Read my physical TBR

I still have some unread fantasy, classics, and non-fiction on my shelves and I’d really like to read the rest of my own collection this year

Be more reasonable with my reading plans

I am now the proud owner of two library cards, which means I frequently check out more books at a time than I probably should and have to race through them to read them all before they’re due. That, plus my owned TBR and the fact that I signed up for NetGalley to consider adding ARCs to the mix, means I tend to get a bit overambitious when planning my reading each month. I want my TBRs to be achievable, not a personal challenge

Interact with the book community more

The book community is wonderful, but commenting on other people’s posts or joining a new discord server always makes me a little nervous. My inner hermit is more comfortable as a lurker, but there are so many lovely people within this community and I’d like to get more comfortable commenting, chatting, and generally interacting with them


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