Quality vs. Quantity

As we all set and share our reading goals for the year, a few questions have come up. What’s a good goal? Should we be trying to read more or less? What counts toward our goals?

It’s easy to compare our own goals with those of others, but most of the time we’re just comparing book counts. My 100 books might look a whole lot different from someone else’s 100 books. It’s tough to call epic fantasy and novellas equal when the lengths and content are so different. Does length even matter? A book’s a book. And I may have read more books than you, but you may have found more new favorites. So who made out better in that case?

At the end of the day, we’re all reading different books within our different lives. If you want to count a series bindup as three separate books, go for it. If you read a short story, count it. There are no rules, so nothing’s cheating. Just read books, no matter what kinds of books you like. And then tell us about them, especially if you loved them.

Number of books read doesn’t matter. Page count doesn’t matter. So set the goal that works for you. The fact that you enjoy reading and you’re doing it as much as you can is all that matters.