Swordheart by T. Kingfisher

by T. Kingfisher

Halla’s inheritance proves to be problematic, leading her to drawing a sword and releasing Sarkis, the swordsman trapped within.

In what is meant to be an attempt to end her own life, Halla is having much more trouble working out what to do than anticipated. This is only made more difficult when a man appears from the sword she wields. Learning of her situation, Sarkis assists Halla in solving her problems, leading to her learning about his problems as well. Halla and Sarkis each have rather different approaches to resolving problems that arrise during their journey together, a complimentary dynamic that added to their attraction to one another.

There are a couple interesting and helpful side characters that join along the way. A fairly low-stakes fantasy adventure with some action and a building romance, this one’s much more on the the cozy side. A bit of magic, a bit of comedy in unusual places, and a bit of a quest that doesn’t take a lot of energy to keep up with.

While this is much more romance leaning that I generally prefer, the story overall is a fun time, and I enjoyed the lighthearted return to the world of the Clocktaur Wars.