12 Feb 2023 | Sunday Synopsis

It’s finally getting warmer (at least for now) but everything in my town is still covered in a layer of snow. It’s funny because basically every town around us has almost no snow left and we’re still hanging on to the last couple inches. I did some more shovelling this week to help certain spots around the house thaw out. Other than that, I did some cleaning and organizing around the house that I’m pretty pleased with.

One of my oldest friends played a show last night, and we got to go to it. It was in this coffee shop that I’ve never been to before and it was so lovely to go out and see them play again. I love seeing my friends progress in the things they love to do.

Other than that, I’m trying to stay caught up on my tbr, as usual. I think I’m doing alright so far, but I’m struggling to not add a bunch of random books in before I’ve finished the ones I planned.

Last Week I Finished Reading

Wild Massive
by Scotto Moore

Carissa is forced to leave the safety of her elevator home when a shapeshifter lands on top of it.

I ended up DNFing this around 20%. It’s a cool concept with a lot of fun ideas for a sci-fi with some extra fantasy elements mixed in. Howver, in a story this expansive, the world building was too fast-paced for my taste

Currently Reading

A Storm of Swords
A Song of Ice and Fire, book 3
by George R.R. Martin

I’m enjoying this book much more than the previous one, especially the second half. I’m almost finished with it

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I hope you had a lovely week