26 Feb 2023 | Sunday Synopsis

Can we have spring weather now? When I left the house the other day it was snowing, and by the time I got home it had stopped snowing and completely frozen into a thick sheet of ice. We got more snow on top of that yesterday, and we’re getting plenty more this week too. If it’s the nice, fluffy snow that I like, maybe I’ll try to get out and enjoy it a bit, but we’ve gotten a lot of heavy, icy snow this winter that I could live without.

Weather aside, I had a pretty good week. I visited my family, played a new video game, and got some things done. I also began easing myself into revising my long-standing manuscript again. I’m feeling a little intimidated by it after setting it down for so long, but I’m also eager to get back into the world I created and hopefully polish the story into something I like even more than where I left it last.

Last Week I Finished Reading

Bloody Rose
The Band, book 2
by Nicholas Eames

While I enjoyed this, I didn’t like it nearly as much as I liked Kings of the Wyld. There’s still a similar tone of humorous action as our heroes set out on a dangerous quest, but I didn’t connect with the new cast of main characters the way I did in the first one. And I struggle to care about a story when I don’t care about the main characters. There were definitely still things I enjoyed in this book and I am planning to read the third book whenever it comes out to see how things in this world conclude.

Currently Reading

by T. Kingfisher

I loved T. Kingfisher’s other fantasy books centering around younger main characters, so I’m excited to see how I like this one. While I’m expecting the usual quirky, magical tale, it seems like this one may have more family-oriented stakes than the others.

Infinity Gate
by M.R. Carey

I haven’t read a whole lot of sci-fi recently, and the ones I have read lately were on the lighter side of sci-fi in my opinion. I do love a high-stakes sci-fi, and the premise of this one has a few things that I generally really enjoy. I’m not too far into this yet, but I’m excited to get more into it.

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I hope you had a lovely week