12 Mar 2023 | Sunday Synopsis

We got more snow this weekend, we have another big storm on it’s way, and we’re getting more snow on top of that next weekend. I’ve accepted it now. At least shoveling is a good workout. Nature’s strength training to add to my exercise routine.

I went to a new-to-me library recently, one of my favorite things to do. It was lovely and there was hardly anyone there that day, so I enjoyed the change of scenery while I got some writing done. I still haven’t been to my own town’s library, but it’s tiny and they’re not open very often. One day I’ll make it over there. Until then, I want to keep checking out the neighboring town’s libraries.

Last Week I Finished Reading

Before They Are Hanged
The First Law, book 2
by Joe Abercrombie

My main complaint with the first book in this series was that not a lot happens with the main plot. It’s a lot of setup. I did enjoy getting to know the main characters as individuals, but in this book we finally see them all together and get much more action as things start really happening. I’m still not hooked on this series, as most people seem to be, but I am enjoying it more as we go, so hopefully the final book is even better.

Emperor of Thorns
Broken Empire, book 3
by Mark Lawrence

The conclusion to the series. I enjoyed the first book, then the second book a bit less, and by this book I was interested in what was going on but I wasn’t invested. I liked this series overall, I liked seeing Jorg’s journey to that ending that I’m still not sure I fully understood, but I liked it.

The Moth Keeper
by K. O’Neill

A sweet story about a young girl taking on a big responsibility, facing loneliness and burnout. With a bit of the ‘grass is greener’, strong friendships, and found family, we see how Anya copes with the early days as a new moth keeper.

The Lies of the Ajungo
Forever Desert, book 1
by Moses Ose Utomi

I loved this. I’ll have a full review up this week because I am excited to talk about this one more in depth. This little novella, in under 100 pages, tells a big story. Even in its small size, the world felt rich and well-developed, the characters were interesting, there’s magic and dangerous encounters, and the ending was impactful. It comes out next week, and I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for the sequel in the future.

Currently Reading

Infinity Gate
by M.R. Carey

I set this one aside to prioritize some other books last week, but I’ve just picked it back up and I’m looking forward to seeing where the story goes.

The London Séance Society
by Sarah Penner

I was surprised by who the second POV character is, I was expecting it to be the two women based on the synopsis not mentioning any other characters by name. I’ve only just gotten through the setup, so I’m not going to have any opinions until things pick up a bit more.

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I hope you had a lovely week