19 Mar 2023 | Sunday Synopsis

Another week, another snow storm. I think this was our biggest one this season and I spent a fair amount of my week shoveling and checking for broken branches because of it. Nothing major as a result of this one, thankfully. Unfortunately I didn’t get too much reading done last week, but I did get some done and I needed the break anyway.

Last Week I Finished Reading

The London Séance Society
by Sarah Penner

Not as captivating a story as her debut, this book was just ok for me. I enjoyed the storyline, but the romantic subplots and the way things regarding the mystery were revealed didn’t resonate with me.

Currently Reading

Infinity Gate
by M.R. Carey

An interesting sci-fi, so far I’m enjoying this.

A Feast for Crows
by George R.R. Martin

I’ve realized a lot of my enjoyment of this series hinges on which POV characters are present in each book. I’m honestly not very excited about most of the characters in this installment. So, while I am enjoying the writing and the world, I’m moving through this book much slower than the pervious ones.

Last Week’s Posts

The Lies of the Ajungo by Moses Ose Utomi review


I hope you had a lovely week

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