Quarterly Check-In

At the beginning of the year, I set a handful of bookish resolutions for myself. With a new year and a freshly cleaned TBR, I was feeling good about my reading plans and bookish goals. Then the year began and I kept thinking about what my goals were and how sustainable my current reading habits are. I still feel good about the goals I chose, but I’ve definitely been putting more effort into some of them than others. So, three months into the year, I think it’s a good time to take a look at those goals and how well I’m doing on each of them.

Read 52 books

I’m about halfway to this goal already. I’ve been debating whether or not I want to increase this number, but I think once I hit my goal I’m just going to stop counting and spend the rest of the year without a quantity goal.

Finish series when I start them

So far, of the series I had previously started, I finished six and made progress on three more series. I started four new series this year, two of which I’ve already finished.

Not too bad for three months.

Read my physical TBR

I’ve only read one of my owned books this year. That’s not great, but I’ve been prioritizing catching up on series before I shift my attention to my shelves. I don’t have too many unread owned books, so I’m not too worried about this yet, but it is something I need to prioritize more.

Be more reasonable with my reading plans

I have definitely not been doing this. My TBRs are too long and I add mood reads and random picks on top of them. I am making an effort to pay attention to what a reasonable TBR might look like for me though. I’m also planning to revisit some old TBRs that I neglected over the past year and clear out the backlog.

Interact with the book community more

I would say I mostly haven’t done this. I have been interacting a bit, but no more than I was previously.

When I pared down on posting to think about what type of content I enjoy making the most, I also took a look at the content I was consuming. Some of the people I was following had a similar reading taste to mine, but a lot of them didn’t. That’s good because I was seeing books I wouldn’t normally find on my own, but not so good because it’s harder to join the conversation about a book/author/genre I don’t know much if anything about. So, I recently added some new names to my feed, and I’m still looking for more. If you know anyone I might like, let me know and I’ll check them out.

I’d say I’m about halfway in sticking to my resolutions at this point.

How are your goals going so far?