02 Apr 2023 | Sunday Synopsis

After falling into a little reading slump, then catching a cold that I’m still getting over, I finally got myself reading again. I didn’t have much that I had to do last week and I wasn’t feeling well enough to go out and do anything fun, so it was a good reading to spend most of my time resting with some books. I finished two series and made some great progress on a new release.

Last Week I Finished Reading

Finlay Donovan Jumps the Gun
Finlay Donovan, book 3
by Elle Cosimano

The newest installment in this series sees Finlay and Vero getting official police training with the intent of uncovering a contract killer’s identity. While I still think this is an enjoyable series, I didn’t find this book as compelling as the previous two. It didn’t have the clumsy excitement of seeing ordinary people tangled in a web of crime. It also follows up on a lot of things that happened in the second book, which wasn’t really fresh in my mind, so that didn’t help either.

The Girl in the Tower
Winternight, book 2
by Katherine Arden

Vasya’s story continues. An excellent addition to her story with even more adventure.

The Winter of the Witch
Winternight, book 3
by Katherine Arden

The conclusion to the trilogy, I loved this series. Beautifully written, a captivating story filled with folklore and magic. I wasn’t sure when I picked up The Bear and the Nightingale that this story was going to be for me, by I’m so glad I gave this a chance. A remarkable debut series.

Currently Reading

Infinity Gate
by M.R. Carey

I’m almost done with this now and I’m loving it so far.

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