Animal Companions

I love an animal companion, but I’ve also realized recently that I haven’t read that many books that include them. It’s so interesting to see that different type of relationship that exists between a human and a non-human. They bond and interact in unique ways. So here are some animal companions that I have read and loved.


The Farseer Trilogy
by Robin Hobb

We may not meet this wolf until the second book in this series, but he becomes such a huge part in Fitz’s life and development. The fact that they can bond in an unusual way and communicate directly adds to this. Nighteyes is able to teach Fitz things and help him in tremendous ways.


The House of Many Ways
by Diana Wynne Jones

Charmain wasn’t expecting to take care of a dog in addition to her uncle’s home, but I think the one she ended up with was pretty great. Much like the house was surprisingly magical, so is this dog. Sweet and helpful, Waif takes to Charmain quickly, sticking by her side and assisting her in whatever ways a small dog can.

Tea Dragons

The Tea Dragon Society
by K. O’Neill

Maybe not providing the usual animal companion relationship, the tea dragons typically do bond with one person who cares for them. They may not go on exciting adventures, but I think these creatures are so adorable.


Minor Mage
by T. Kingfisher

Oliver’s armadillo familiar. He may be an unusual animal for a familiar, but he is both loyal and helpful as the only one who stands by Oliver on his quest. The relationship between these two is so endearing, with this armadillo being Oliver’s only source of comfort and advice on his dangerous journey.

What’s your favorite animal companion?

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