30 Apr 2023 | Sunday Synopsis

We got some more nice weather last week, so I managed to get our garden plot ready. Hopefully we have a more successful garden than last year, but that depends on the many wild animals that frequent our yard and how hungry they get for fresh herbs and veggies. Our one surviving plant is sage that got rather large, so at least we’ll have that if nothing else.

Last Week I Finished Reading

A Dance with Dragons
A Song of Ice and Fire, book 5
by George R.R. Martin

I’m finally caught up on this series. Such a huge story with so many interesting places and characters. Looking forward to the next one, whenever we may get it. Until then, plenty of other things to read.

Currently Reading

The Sword Defiant
by Gareth Hanrahan

Leadership and Self-Deception
by The Arbinger Institute

Economics in One Lesson
by Henry Hazlitt

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