June TBR | 2023

After seriously failing my TBR last month, I decided to just put the rest of my unread owned fiction books on my TBR for this month. I’m not expecting to get through all of them, but I want to make them my reading priority right now. With only nine books left, all of which I’m … More June TBR | 2023

Graphic Novels

Free comic book day was earlier this month. I may not have added any more comics to my collection, but I still want to talk about some of my favorites that I’ve read. I love comics and graphic novels because they combine two of my favorite things: writing and art. Ranging from serious to ridiculous, … More Graphic Novels

Mothers in Fantasy

I’ve talked about women in fantasy before, but with Mother’s Day coming up this weekend I thought we should talk more specifically about the mothers in fantasy. Parents are often absent in fantasy stories, but that doesn’t mean they never exist. Sometimes we only get to see a small glimpse of them before we lose … More Mothers in Fantasy

April Wrap Up | 2023

A couple months ago I had said I was planning to cut down on the amount of audiobooks I was listening to in exchange for physical reading. I did for a bit, but then I slipped right back into listening to audiobooks all the time because they paired well with the projects I’ve been working … More April Wrap Up | 2023

May TBR | 2023

This month, I’m trying to shift my focus from series to my shelves. I’m mostly caught up on all the series I was reading, with only a few exceptions, and I really need to get started on all the unread books I own. I’m also trying to incorporate more non-fiction into my reading. Coincidentally, most … More May TBR | 2023

May 2023 Book Releases

May is an exciting month for book releases. Coming up, we have two of my most anticipated releases of the year, along with some other interesting ones that I’m looking forward to checking out. May 02 The Sword DefiantLands of the Firstborn, book 1by Gareth Hanrahan Publisher: OrbitPages: 608 Many years ago, Sir Aelfric and … More May 2023 Book Releases

Animal Companions

I love an animal companion, but I’ve also realized recently that I haven’t read that many books that include them. It’s so interesting to see that different type of relationship that exists between a human and a non-human. They bond and interact in unique ways. So here are some animal companions that I have read … More Animal Companions

April TBR | 2023

This month my TBR is a tiny bit smaller than usual, but I still have some big reading plans. I’m hoping to finish three bulky series, a newer release, and some folklore inspired stories. I’m also hoping this is the month I finally get a move on reading my owned non-fiction books. I have ten … More April TBR | 2023