Finally Fall | Book Tag

One week into autumn and the leaves are already turning their classic fall colors where I live. It’s the perfect time of year for both spooky and cozy reads. I’m not sure who created this one, but here’s the Finally Fall book tag. In fall, the air is crisp and clear: name a book with … More Finally Fall | Book Tag

Accessibility in Reading

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how accessible books are, and how accessible the book community as a whole is. I have fairly limited, and probably outdated, experience with accessibility features since I don’t require any myself. But it’s still something I think about when I’m reading, writing, or interacting with the book community online, and … More Accessibility in Reading

Typographic Book Covers

There are plenty of books with covers that are entirely text, often stylized in a way that represents the story without using extra images. As much as I like those types of covers, I also like when the text is part of the cover art, blending the two parts together. Here are ten books I … More Typographic Book Covers

Paint and DNFs | Sunday Synopsis

Happy Autumn, my fellow Northern Hemisphere friends. And happy Spring to all the rest. Last week I went to two different bookstores. Both locally owned ones that I love visiting. I got a specific copy of The Return of the King that I’ve been on the hunt for and a book of the complete works … More Paint and DNFs | Sunday Synopsis

Summer Bucket List | Book Tag

It’s the first official day of autumn, although it seems like everyone else has been trying to live like it’s autumn extra early this year. Before I move on to autumn, let’s give summer one last mention with a summer bucket list, although not all of these were summer reads. Hopefully you got to do … More Summer Bucket List | Book Tag

Book Trends

The more time I spend in the book community, reading in excess, and receiving news of new and upcoming releases, the more I notice the trends that come and go in publishing. Sometimes it’s a great thing, and sometimes I can’t wait for the next trend to replace the current one. Recently a lot of … More Book Trends

Anything but Books | Book Tag

We talk about books a lot, but I’m sure we all have other things going on. It’s not all books all the time. Probably. It’s a lot books a lot of the time, but I still like other things. For this tag, my answers can be anything but books. original tag by Book Buds What … More Anything but Books | Book Tag

When to DNF

There was once a time when I couldn’t bear to DNF a book once I started it. If I committed to reading a book, I was going to read the whole thing. There was no putting it down, no trying again later, and certainly no giving up. These days, I feel like I’m DNFing constantly. … More When to DNF

Top Five Dramatic Bookworm Problems

Being a bookworm is great, but it’s not without its problems. I don’t think we’re being dramatic when we face these, they’re just part of living the bookish life. The perks of being a bookworm far outweigh the downfalls, but here are five bookish problems I think are pretty common: Top 5 Tuesday is hosted … More Top Five Dramatic Bookworm Problems

Life’s a Beach | Book Tag

We got a tiny break from the heat and sunshine this week, but most days it’s still beach weather where I live. Although I grew up by the ocean, I was never much of a beach bum, but I must admit the beach is a great place to settle in with a good read. And … More Life’s a Beach | Book Tag

Sunday Synopsis, The First

I’ve been doing monthly updates for a while now, but a lot happens in a month and a lot has changed in the past month as well. One of those changes is my decision to stop doing monthly updates and try something weekly instead. A little update on what I’m doing, what I’m making, and … More Sunday Synopsis, The First

The Trope Tag

There’s a trope for everything at this point. Some we can’t get enough of, and some we’d prefer to never see again. This week’s tag is all about tropes and how they can apply to books instead of characters. Original tag by Ash @ Ink Words and Ash Enemies to Lover: a book you formerly … More The Trope Tag

Top Five Books with Bones

It’s not quite spooky season, but after the past couple weeks of swords and shields it makes sense we’ve arrived at bones. This week we’re looking for books with bones on the cover. It seems skulls are the most common version of that, but I’ve found a little variety on these covers. Here are five … More Top Five Books with Bones

Summer Book Tag

I think I’ve had enough of the heat, and thankfully the weather’s been more tolerable lately. We’ve still got one month of summer to go, so let’s enjoy what’s left of it and do a summer themed book tag. Iced Drink: A Refreshing Book House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones. In the midst … More Summer Book Tag

Top Five Books with Shields

Last week we looked for swords, now we’re looking for the sword’s counterpart, shields. I admit I don’t think about shields nearly as much as swords, but I tend toward characters with daggers and duel-wielded blades than the classic sword and shield combo. Surprisingly less common as a cover feature than a blade, here are … More Top Five Books with Shields

Do I Have That Book | Book Tag

As I’ve been reading through my owned books and unhauling the ones that aren’t my favorites, let’s look at what I have left. Hopefully I have something unique to fit each of these prompts. original tag by Keeping Tabs Do you have a book with deckled edges? The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski I love … More Do I Have That Book | Book Tag

Top Five Books with Swords

Some of these may technically be daggers, but they’re all definitely sharp, bladed weapons. I once fell down a research rabbit hole of admiring the many different sword designs that exist while writing. And there are even more designs that exist to be admired on the covers of books. Here are five books with swords … More Top Five Books with Swords

Ice Lolly | Book Tag

After a few heat waves in a row this summer, ice cream has become a regular item in our freezer. So I thought it’d be fitting to bring the ice cream to the blog with the Ice Lolly Book Tag. Original tag by Amy @ Golden Books Girl, Charlotte @ Charlotte, Somewhere, and Louise @ … More Ice Lolly | Book Tag

Top Five Books with Crowns

Royalty find themselves at the center of many stories, especially within fantasy, and their crowns find themselves on the cover of many respective books. Here are five book covers that display rather different crowns: Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan Reads Red Queenby Victoria Aveyard This crown needs a bit of cleaning, but it … More Top Five Books with Crowns

August TBR | 2022

This month my TBR begins with the same 3 books I feel like I’ve been ‘currently reading’ forever, and a rollover from the T. Kingfisher readathon that I didn’t manage to finish in time. Plus, for some reason I’ve decided to start a bunch of new series, going against my efforts to be actively reading … More August TBR | 2022

August Update | 2022

I can’t believe it’s August already! I’ve given up trying to get the outdoor garden started this year, but my indoor herb garden is doing well and our baby fig tree is growing its first fig. We learned how figs get pollinated and it is super weird. We had visits from a tree frog and … More August Update | 2022

Top Five Books with Keys

Time for a bit of a scavenger hunt throughout the month. This week we’re looking for keys. I must say I’m much more partial to locks, but I don’t suppose those would be any easier to find. My shelves don’t have many keys on them, but here are five found that do: Top 5 Tuesday … More Top Five Books with Keys

Series I’ve Read in Full

As a lover of fantasy and graphic novels, I read a lot of series. Sometimes I even finish reading the series. The whole thing. Usually that means I liked it, but sometimes I read things I don’t actually enjoy. That’s something I’m working on. I haven’t always recorded my reading, but it is something I’ve … More Series I’ve Read in Full

Top Five Illustrated Books

There are so many ways to visibly add to a story. Graphic novels are obvious, as are book covers, but between the covers some novels have illustrations or photos added in throughout the story, I love a good map, and some books jazz up their chapter pages with a small image or unique design. As … More Top Five Illustrated Books

Never Have I Ever | Book Tag

Let’s play a game this week. I haven’t played this one in a long time, and never have I ever played a book specific version of it. First, the rules, as explained by the creator: Never Have I Ever originated as a drinking game, also known as “Ten Fingers,” where a person would make a … More Never Have I Ever | Book Tag

Top Five Magic Systems

As a fan of fantasy, I’ve come across a fair amount of magic systems. Some of them follow a classic, familiar system. Some are more unique, unusual, and sometimes nonsensical. I’m not one to prefer having everything about a magic system laid out blatantly and logically, but it can be nice to have some rules … More Top Five Magic Systems

My Current Physical TBR

As you may know, I’ve been working hard on reading all the books I own. I limited myself for a while to only reading from my shelves and it worked wonders in drastically shrinking my physical TBR. Now that my TBR isn’t so daunting, I’ve been reading a lot more other things, but I’m still … More My Current Physical TBR

Top Five Books Set at School

It’s been a while since I’ve been in school, but for all the kids in my area, school’s out for summer. I’m not always a fan of the school setting trope, but I certainly don’t avoid books just on that point. Plus, there are plenty of types of schools that can be a part of … More Top Five Books Set at School

July TBR | 2022

I once again have a lot of books I’m hoping to get through this month. This list was even longer, but I removed some books from a genre I’ll one day accept isn’t for me. I also left out the non-fiction I’m planning to read because I’m not sure they’re books I’d ever review. Most … More July TBR | 2022

July Update | 2022

Most of my indoor plants are doing just fine, but most of my outdoor garden plants are struggling. We’ve got two herbs that are thriving, a few flowers that are coming along, and a lot of struggling sprouts. I love all the animals that come to visit our property, but I wish they didn’t love … More July Update | 2022

Mid-Year Freak Out | Book Tag

We’re halfway through the year already, so it’s time to take a look at what I’ve read so far. At this point, I’ve read 39 books and DNFed a handful of others. The vast majority of that has been fantasy with a few other genres sprinkled in. Audio books are really carrying the team here, … More Mid-Year Freak Out | Book Tag

Sarcasm in the Face of Danger

One of my favorite things, whether in books or movies, is when a character is in a serious or dangerous situation and they say something so perfectly sarcastic that it momentarily dissolves the stress of the moment. I love dry comedy and I love banter between characters, but I love those things even more when … More Sarcasm in the Face of Danger

Best Books of 2022 So Far

I stopped giving star ratings to books, but I still have opinions and feelings about how they stack up and which ones are better than the rest. And since we’re halfway through the year, let’s take a look at the ones that are currently in the lead. These are my top five books of the … More Best Books of 2022 So Far

Famous Last Words

Everyone talks about first lines from books a lot. And it makes sense, it’s the first thing you read within the book. But I want to talk about last lines. I used to have a habit of reading the last line from a book before I started reading it. It was risky, but I always … More Famous Last Words

I Want My Series to Match

When I buy individual books I’m not picky about what format they are. Hardcover, paperback, mass market, it doesn’t really matter, especially if I find them secondhand or at a library sale. I buy whatever format I find. Unless I already own a book from a series and I’m buying another book from the same … More I Want My Series to Match

Rainy Day Reads

I think a good rainy day read is something you can get cozy with. It’s atmospheric, it’s thoughtful, it’s maybe a bit somber. These five books are all sweet, lovable, and sad. Except for the last one. The last one is simply sweet and lovable in case you’re not up for sad. Top 5 Tuesday … More Rainy Day Reads

Bookish Scenarios | Book Tag

When faced with a series of unlikely, but mostly plausible bookish scenarios, we’ve got to make some tough decisions. It won’t always be easy, but you got to do what you got to do, and here’s what I would do in these scenarios: original tag by Lindsay Hearts Books You have to get rid of … More Bookish Scenarios | Book Tag


Style is the way a story is delivered. It’s the language used, the tone, the structure, the parts of a story that the author focuses on. Generally, a lot of books in a specific genre share similar style points. More specifically, certain styles can give away who the author is or be niche enough to … More Style

Adorable Games I’ve Played Recently

Outside of reading, I also love playing video games. Although I typically enjoy story-rich role playing games, I have a soft spot for puzzle platformers. And if you don’t know what either of those things mean, basically I like immersive adventures and solving puzzles. But sometimes I want something that requires a little less brain … More Adorable Games I’ve Played Recently

Counting in Series

This week I wanted to see how high I could count with series I’ve read that are completed. I took a look at all the series I’ve read, or at least started reading, and how long they were. Then I lined them up in ascending order to see how far I could go without skipping … More Counting in Series

Wood Burning, take 2

A few years ago when we were playing D&D a lot, I made some dice trays for the party to use in lieu of a board game box cover. I turned one of them into a box that now houses my dice, but the other three I left rather plain, only painting them light brown, … More Wood Burning, take 2

Books with a Holiday

I don’t read many books with holidays at all, whether we’re talking a specific date type of holiday, or a fun trip type of holiday. So I’m going to be quite liberal in my definition of what counts as a holiday in this list. Here are five books with a holiday, from most holiday-like to … More Books with a Holiday

June TBR | 2022

I got real ambitious with my TBR in May and exceeded my goal for number of books read. So let’s get equally ambitious for June. I have two books I started reading last month that I’d like to finish, plus 12 others I’d like to read. I have what I think is a romance, but … More June TBR | 2022

June Update | 2022

What a toasty spring we’ve been having. It isn’t even summer yet, but it feels like it. Recently I’ve been reading a lot, seeing some friends I haven’t seen in ages, and thinking about my priorities and goals for the rest of the year. A lot has changed in my life over the past few … More June Update | 2022

Reading Habits | Book Tag

Most readers have particular habits they develop around reading, whether that’s where they read, when they read, or even how they read. We all have different ways to handle our books and tackle our TBRs. Here are a few of my own reading habits: original tag by TheBookJazz on YouTube, but the video isn’t available … More Reading Habits | Book Tag

Book Tracking Apps

Ages ago, I used Goodreads to track my reading. Then, I decided it wasn’t working for me and closed my account. I had a spreadsheet and that was all I needed. Last month, I decided to finally give book tracking apps another chance. So, I gave Goodreads a second shot, but I also tried five … More Book Tracking Apps

Reading Accessories

I don’t need much when I pick up a book, but I am a big fan of being cozy when I settle in to read, so most of my favorite reading accessories are for comfort. Except for the fourth one, I think that’s more a necessity if I’m reading a physical book. Here are my … More Reading Accessories

Book Unhaul

As I’ve been rearranging my shelves and trying to figure out a permanent location for them within the house, I’ve been pulling books off them. As lovely as a wall covered in books sounds, I only want to see books I really loved when I look at my shelves. So, here are some of the … More Book Unhaul


The classics. We all know them. We sometimes love them. We’re constantly hearing how timeless and important they all are. But are they? Who even decides what gets to be a classic anyway? For the most part, it’s schools. Schools decide what books we all have to read, and also what we’re all supposed to … More Classics

Top Five Places to Read

Although books can be enjoyed almost anywhere, I think we all develop our own favorite locations to enjoy a story. Whether you love to lounge in the hammock you set up in the perfect amount of shade or take advantage of that public transportation commute to squeeze some extra reading into a busy day, you … More Top Five Places to Read

TBR | Book Tag

I shared my TBR for this month last week, but let’s take a look at my TBR as a whole today. It’s mix of fantasy and non-fiction. I think it might be more non-fiction than fantasy by now, although my answers may deceive you. I don’t think the blog that created this tag is still … More TBR | Book Tag

Painting Touchups

I love landscape paintings. Beautiful scenery captured in paint is something so captivating to me. But, it’s also not something I’ve spent much time painting myself. So, a few years ago I decided to try my hand at some forest scenery. I liked the paintings I made, but they were far from perfect. More recently, … More Painting Touchups

Top Five Drinks for Reading

My drink of choice when I read mostly depends on the time of day, and sometimes the weather. However, I usually do keep a drink nearby when I’m sitting down to read. These are my five favorite drinks to have with a book: Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan Reads Coffee I’ve been a … More Top Five Drinks for Reading

May TBR | 2022

Last month I got pretty ambitious with my TBR. I think we all get a little ambitious with how many books we try to read in a month, but I’m working hard at getting through all my owned books before I add anything new to my list. Even though I fell a little short of … More May TBR | 2022

May Update | 2022

It’s getting warmer, everything’s blooming, the turkeys are roaming. Here’s what I’ve been up to: Reading I did my first readathon last month! It was fun, I read a lot, but it didn’t exactly solve my TBR problem. I have a habit of never reading a book once I own it. The fact that I … More May Update | 2022

Top Five Snacks for Reading

I’m generally not a big snack eater, and even less so while I’m reading. Most snacks are finger foods, and I don’t like having food on my fingers while I’m holding a book for fear of getting those precious pages oily or wet. Usually if I’m going to sit down with a snack and a … More Top Five Snacks for Reading

Speed Reading

With so many books out in the world, and only so much time to actually read them, speed reading has a bit of appeal. I am not a fast reader, and I envy those who can zip through a lengthy tome every few days. The closest I get to speed reading is listening to audiobooks … More Speed Reading

Blogger Stats | Book Tag

I found this tag and thought it’d be a fun way to tell you a little more about myself, my blog, and my reading tastes. Original tag by Always Trust in Books The last three books you read? Teckla by Steven Brust, The Shadow Rising and The Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan Spoilers or … More Blogger Stats | Book Tag

Abridged Books

When I was young, I read a lot of abridged classics. We had a whole series of them at home, and I was more interested in those stories than the middle grade books that were likely more suitable for someone my age. Having abridged versions of these otherwise long, dense novels made them more approachable, … More Abridged Books

The Colours of Life | Book Tag

It might be too late to say Happy Holi (which you can learn about here), but I don’t think it’s too late to do this colorful book tag. Original tag and graphics by Riddhi @Whispering Stories Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz. This supernatural thriller is probably the book I’ve kept on my shelves the longest. … More The Colours of Life | Book Tag

April Update | 2022

Spring is here. It’s getting warmer, the birds are out more, and all the plants are getting ready to bloom. I personally love spring, even though the pollen has begun bothering me more now that I’m older, and am looking forward to warmer days and spending more time outside. Reading I finished a few books … More April Update | 2022

Contradictions | Book Tag

There are exceptions to every rule, and bookish preferences are certainly included in that. I’ve loved books I didn’t expect to and did not love books that seemed like shoo-ins for new favorites. Here are my bookish contradictions. Original: Daniela @ Only If For A Page 1. I love this genre but I didn’t like … More Contradictions | Book Tag

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome isn’t anything new, nor is it rare, but it is an isolating feeling when you feel it. If it weren’t so isolating, we probably would never feel it. Being able to acknowledge how many of our peers are also fumbling their ways through life, going through the motions of their roles, and hoping … More Imposter Syndrome

Spring Cleaning | Book Tag

I love spring cleaning, and I’ve been doing a lot of it recently. It’s getting warmer here, mostly. It did snow yesterday. But, we’re getting things ready for new projects both inside and outside of the house and this seemed like a great tag to go along with that. I couldn’t find the original creator, … More Spring Cleaning | Book Tag

Quarter Year Crisis | Book Tag

It’s officially spring and I’ve been feeling a little behind on my reading goals, so let’s have a little quarter year crisis, shall we? Original tag by Roisin’s Reading How many books have you read so far? 9. A little behind where I’d like to be, but not as far behind as I thought. Have … More Quarter Year Crisis | Book Tag

March Update | 2022

We got a few warm days, which was great since I’ve been wanting to spend more time outdoors, but it’s cold again. My to-do list has been filling back up already. It seems like every time I cross an item off, another one is waiting to get added in its place. It’s too cold to … More March Update | 2022

Re-Reading Books

I rarely re-read books. I have favorites. I have books I remember loving, but don’t remember the story fully. I’ve bought books after I read a library copy and loved them so much I wanted them on my shelves. Copies that now sit on my shelves, having never been read themselves. But, although I’ve had … More Re-Reading Books

Reading Journal

I’ve heard a lot of talk about reading journals lately. I didn’t even know these things existed until recently, but apparently they’re not that new, as there are a ton to choose from. Just whole notebooks specifically printed to track and review books you’ve read or want to read. At first I thought, ‘that seems … More Reading Journal

February Update | 2022

It’s the shortest month of the year, but I’m going to try to make the most of it and be just as productive as the longer months. It was nice to finally have something of a break last month and re-charge a bit finally, but I still got a good amount done and I’m ready … More February Update | 2022

Reading, In Multiples

When I was young, I usually had at least three books on the go at any given time. I would read whichever one I was in the mood for, and switch books when I finished a chapter if the mood struck. I didn’t have any problem keeping track of what was going on in each … More Reading, In Multiples

January Update | 2022

Hello and Happy New Year! We don’t typically do a great deal to ring in the new year, but we do like to make a nice meal and have a few drinks. This year we made moules-frite and some cocktails. It was a lovely time. I hope you also had a lovely time, whatever you … More January Update | 2022

A Year in Review | 2021

Another year, another Year in Review. In 2021, there was a lot of writing, a lot of painting, a lot of reading, and lot of life changes. There were ups, and there were downs, but overall I think it was a good year. Let’s look back at all the creative and good things I did … More A Year in Review | 2021

Best Reads of 2021

I read a lot of good books this year. Over half of my reads were 4/5 stars, which I am, of course, happy about. So let’s just talk about the far fewer 5 star reads. 4 stars are for books I enjoyed reading and would recommend, but I like to reserve my 5 star ratings … More Best Reads of 2021

Series I Read in 2021

After realizing that I had a lot of authors on repeat this year, I noticed that was partly due to the fact that I made my way through a number of series. Some of these were already on my physical TBR, which is what I’ve been trying stay focused on until I work my way … More Series I Read in 2021

Most Read Authors of 2021

I was taking a look at all the books I read this year, and I noticed there were a few authors’ names listed quite a bit more than others. So I wanted to share with you the authors I read the most this year. Three of them are Fantasy/Sci-Fi authors, but beyond that, their books … More Most Read Authors of 2021

December Update | 2021

Hi friends. I’m still painting more regularly, but my reading and writing momentum has slowed. Here’s what I’ve been up to the past month. In Writing I was off to a strong start revising my manuscript, but I went a bit light on the descriptors in the last draft, and I hit a chapter that … More December Update | 2021

Compare and Contrast

Comparing pieces of media to one another can be a great way to tell others what books, shows, music, movies, games, etc you’ve been loving, or not loving. It can help you relate your taste to other people, or to understand theirs. Or to understand your own so you can figure out what you like … More Compare and Contrast

November Update | 2021

Hi friends. I’m finally getting to read, write, and paint much more regularly, which has been a nice change of pace. Here’s what I’ve been up to the past month. In Writing I spent last month reading through my manuscript once again and taking notes on things that need improvement. It was a much different … More November Update | 2021

Retaining What You Read

You know how sometimes you read a few paragraphs, or maybe a few pages, then realize you don’t remember what you just read and have to go back and re-read it all? The other day I did that with almost an entire book. I was constantly realizing my mind had wandered onto something else, while … More Retaining What You Read

October Update | 2021

My daily to-do lists are gradually transitioning from being entirely housework to having a bit of writing and drawing on them. Bit by bit I’m wrapping up house projects and replacing them with creative projects that I haven’t had any time for the past couple months. It’s a slow change, but a much welcome one. … More October Update | 2021

My First Beta Readers

Earlier this year, I began to realize I was approaching the point in revisions where I would need to recruit some outside help. I was chipping away at the same parts over and over again, not feeling confident that I had really nailed down certain plot points or fully fleshed out certain characters. So, I … More My First Beta Readers

September Update | 2021

Hi friends! I have something exciting to share. We bought a house! It was a long process, but we found a home we love in the end. It is, however, an old house, so all of my time and energy got redirected last month into getting it ready to be moved into, then moving into … More September Update | 2021

The Guilt of Creating

It used to be that I would create something and feel proud, or satisfied, or relieved, or anything, really. Creation was a necessary release, and with every thing I created, I felt something. There was an emotion tied to it, a catharsis of some sort. Now, there’s often a guilt. A lack of satisfaction. When … More The Guilt of Creating

A Little Update

It’s been kind of quiet over here recently, but behind the scenes there have been some big changes. So, let’s catch up. Online, I’ve been cleaning up my digital spaces. Making updates and removing a bunch of old content.Offline, I finished the latest draft of my manuscript, caught up with some friends and family, and … More A Little Update

Writing Community

Writing seems like such a solitary activity, as does reading. It’s just you and the words on the page. Except it’s a lot more than that. In its simplest form, the writer is sharing a story with the reader. So, at a minimum, there are two people involved, sharing something between them. In a more … More Writing Community

Collect or Declutter

There’s something so appealing about the idea of having a full library in your home. Walls covered, floor to ceiling in books. Rolling around on an attached ladder just to see what’s on the top shelves. I love libraries, why wouldn’t I want to live inside of one? There’s also something so silly about the … More Collect or Declutter

Many Scarves

About 2 weeks before Christmas, I decided to make my relatives scarves as gifts. I have a couple pairs of knitting needles, and I’ve dabbled in knitting over the years, but I’m not really a knitter. I’ve also never knit an entire scarf before, just the second half of a scarf that one time. According … More Many Scarves

Gingerbread Castle

Tis the season for gingerbread houses. Except why build a house when you could build a castle?  That was my thought process for some reason. Unfortunately, you can’t just buy a gingerbread castle kit. At least I don’t think you can. So, I planned my castle and baked some gingerbread. I did cheat and buy … More Gingerbread Castle

Write What You Know

Write what you know. We’ve all heard it at some point. But should you? Maybe.It’s not bad advice, but I think it’s a bit misleading. If we only wrote what we knew, exactly as we knew it, there wouldn’t be any fiction. Which would be fine for some people, but I love fiction. Sci-fi, fantasy, … More Write What You Know

Hobbies for Hire

It doesn’t seem like anyone has hobbies anymore. Everything’s a side hustle. I’m always surprised to learn someone has a random side business. I’m always more surprised when people tell me I should turn something I create into a side business. It’s become increasingly common to have a side hustle. To try to turn a … More Hobbies for Hire