The Bookish Blog Tag

Although I do have favorites, they’re ever-changing and not entirely concrete. I don’t really think about them until it comes up. So this week, let’s see if I can solidify some bookish favorites. I’m going to try to stick with my all-time favorites, rather than just the most recent ones. So chances are you’ve heard … More The Bookish Blog Tag

The Honestea Tag

Honesty is the best policy, but we all know most people put on their best face in public and their touched up and highly curated face on the internet. I’ve never been one for drama or putting on a show for others. I may not have much tea to spill, but let’s see what we … More The Honestea Tag

Afternoon Tea | Book Tag

My favorite thing to do for my birthday is go out for afternoon tea. It’s nowhere near my birthday, but we can still have a little bookish afternoon tea today. originally created by Courtney @ The Incessant Bookworm I’ve had a lot of good reads this year, but Red Sister by Mark Lawrence is still the … More Afternoon Tea | Book Tag

Finally Fall | Book Tag

One week into autumn and the leaves are already turning their classic fall colors where I live. It’s the perfect time of year for both spooky and cozy reads. I’m not sure who created this one, but here’s the Finally Fall book tag. In fall, the air is crisp and clear: name a book with … More Finally Fall | Book Tag

The Trope Tag

There’s a trope for everything at this point. Some we can’t get enough of, and some we’d prefer to never see again. This week’s tag is all about tropes and how they can apply to books instead of characters. Original tag by Ash @ Ink Words and Ash Enemies to Lover: a book you formerly … More The Trope Tag

Summer Book Tag

I think I’ve had enough of the heat, and thankfully the weather’s been more tolerable lately. We’ve still got one month of summer to go, so let’s enjoy what’s left of it and do a summer themed book tag. Iced Drink: A Refreshing Book House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones. In the midst … More Summer Book Tag

Ice Lolly | Book Tag

After a few heat waves in a row this summer, ice cream has become a regular item in our freezer. So I thought it’d be fitting to bring the ice cream to the blog with the Ice Lolly Book Tag. Original tag by Amy @ Golden Books Girl, Charlotte @ Charlotte, Somewhere, and Louise @ … More Ice Lolly | Book Tag

Reading Habits | Book Tag

Most readers have particular habits they develop around reading, whether that’s where they read, when they read, or even how they read. We all have different ways to handle our books and tackle our TBRs. Here are a few of my own reading habits: original tag by TheBookJazz on YouTube, but the video isn’t available … More Reading Habits | Book Tag