Top Five Books of 2022

I try to see the good in everything I read, acknowledging that different books work for different people. But there are certain books that I don’t have to try to see the good in, because I love them entirely as they are. They’re the books I couldn’t put down because I always wanted to know … More Top Five Books of 2022

Books Set in the Past

Although I wouldn’t necessarily call all of these historical fiction, each of these books are set in the past. The first one is only half set in the past, and three of them are set around the same war, although they each tell very different stories. Real life historical settings and events in books tend … More Books Set in the Past

Five Horror Recommendations

This time of year, lots of people are leaning into horror and thriller reads, sometimes with cozy mysteries and sometimes with something a bit darker. I used to love horror and I’ve been getting back into it more recently, trying to rediscover my niche within the genre. With varying flavors of horror, here are five … More Five Horror Recommendations